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Term Life Insurance is the most popular form of life coverage and provides death benefits over a specific length of time - such as 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years. Term life insurance a set amount of benefits and does not include any savings benefits typically found in cash-value life policies. This is why term insurance offers the lowest premiums. Many term policies have routine and automatic renewals.

The next most common life insurance is Whole life. With this type of policy, part of your premium payment goes toward the insurance part of your policy and a small part of your payment goes toward administrative expenses, and the balance of your premium goes to an investment fund. The value of these policies increase with time.

Life insurance can provide long term investment returns and accumulate funds for retirement.

Term life is a quality insurance policy for a limited length of time. Term insurance provides financial protection and does not have any savings features. Term insurance is a great choice if you want to pay low premiums during the term of the policy including the policy's early years. Most term policies have renewal features that are automatic every year as long as you can live with the rising premium levels as you get older. Term Life insurance is very useful for providing a large lump sum financial payment to your family upon the event of your untimely death, even in Florida.

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