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Receive your free online quotes for health and medical coverage for costly medical expenses, procedures and prescriptions. Receive quotes for protecting your whole family, business or individually. There are numerous health insurance plans, coverages and options you can personalize to meet your needs. Find out the details to help you choose which options and coverage you will be looking for. Determine which level of deductible and copayments you are comfortable with and then find an affordable plan with your coverage requirements. It's always a good idea to work closely with an experienced agent to help put together a package of benefits and coverages that are right for you and your Florida family. HMO's are generally the least expensive option, but they are often the least flexible plan with requirements of using only doctors in their network.

We offer quotes for medical policies which provide complete autonomy when it comes to selecting doctors, hospitals, and health care providers. You can refer yourself to any medical specialist without requiring unnecessary permission from the insurance company. These lower cost policies usually involve more out-of-pocket expenses such as higher deductibles and coinsurance percentages. There is a maximum out-of-pocket expense, after which the insurance company will pay 100% of any additional costs. When you are finished reading this section, click on the "Get A Free Quote!" button to request a health insurance quote from an experienced agent. Or contact us by phone or email for additional information.

Prescription Card
Preventive Care
- A small fee is paid for each doctor visit.
- Allows you to go to any hospital or doctor for care.
- Enables your insurance carrier to pay most of your prescription costs upfront.
- Routine physicals, immunizations, and tests may be covered without a deductible.
- General teeth cleaning and other basic dental care.
- Optical benefits, ranging from eye exams to discounted lenses and glasses.

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